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Conference Topics

Topics of interest for submission include technological advancements and applications in the following fields, but not limited to:

Technology, Media, and Communications

  • Journalism, media, and technology trends as well as predictions

  • Social media and communication technology

  • Artificial intelligence and its communication application

  • Documentary film direction and production

  • Advertising, marketing and public relations

  • Communication in education

  • Information technology-supported business, supply chain, and economic activities


Education and Technologies

  • Artificial intelligence and school management

  • Computer based teaching and learning

  • Online learning

  • Wireless, mobile, multimedia applications used in educational practice

  • Case studies of teachers’ practical experience, policy, and systems in the digital era

  • Teacher’s education

  • Linguistics and literature

  • Modern vocational education


Advanced Technologies for Young Children

  • Innovative approaches to learning and teaching environments

  • Child development and care

  • Play in digital age

  • Advanced technologies for family and community partnerships

  • Case studies of implementation and its issues of advanced technologies

  • Frontier technologies


Social Work and Technology

  • Intelligent assessment of social work

  • Impact of applications, online habits and social media on social problems

  • Social and communication networks

  • Social work and information technology

  • ICT for Social work

  • Digital Social work

Application of modern information technology in manufacturing, engineering management, and other fields

  • Information Technology and Engineering Management

  • Application of Information Technology in Nursing and Healthcare

  • Art Design and Artificial Intelligence

  • Intelligent Management and Smart Manufacturing

  • Intelligent Management, Food Safety, and Healthy Living

Others Relevant Topics

  • Other related fields

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